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Romeo to Juliette (Moon 2012)

Romeo & Juliette (Moon 2012)

Picture Credit: shizuokan

Show Information
English Title: Romeo & Juliette
Japanese Title: ロミオとジュリエット
Romanized Title: Romeo to Juliette

Troupe: Moon
Year: 2012
Performances: Takarazuka Grand Theater, 06/22 - 07/23; Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 08/10 - 09/09
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Takarazuka Grand Theater, 07/10; Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 08/23

Based On: Gérard Presgurvic's "Romeo & Juliette"
Adaption/Direction: Koike Shuuichirou
Composer: Gérard Presgurvic
Musical Director/Music Adaption: Oota Takeshi
Choreographer: Miori Yumino, Wakao Risa, KAZUMI-BOY, Sakuragi Ryousuke, Suzuki Toshiko
Conductor (Takarazuka): Sasada Aiichirou
Conductor (Tokyo): Misaki Megumi
Shinjin Kouen Director: Okamoto Hiroko

Available on DVD: Yes (release date 09/07/12 (external link)) & Commemorative Edition※ (release date 09/07/12 (external link))
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: No
(Commemorative Edition) is only the full length performance, no extras and no booklet included.


RoleCastShinko Cast
RomeoRyuu Masaki / Asumi Rio Tamaki Ryou
JulietteManaki Reika Sakihi Miyu
TybaltAsumi Rio / Ryuu Masaki Akizuki Saya
Father LaurenceEma Naoki Chinami Karan
The NurseMiho Keiko Harune Aki
Lord CapuletKoshino Ryuu Takasumi Hayato
Lady MontagueHanase Mizuka Maai Suzuka
BenvolioSeijou Kaito Kizuki Yuuma
Lady CapuletTouka Yurino Hanahi Mira
Lord MontagueAyazuki Seri Kijou Mitsuru
Peter (Nurse's servant)Kao Amiri -
MercutioMiya Rurika Asami Jun
ParisShimon Yuriya Hoshiki Tsubasa
John (monk)Arise Sou -
LoveAkizuki Saya Hayami Sei
DeathTamaki Ryou Houzuki An
The Prince of VeronaKizuki Yuuma Amato Riira
Servants (Capulet) Maai Suzuka -
Tsuzuki Mia -
Kousaki Ran -

† See under "Other Information" below for switched-role schedule.

Capulets: Hihou Kokoro, Kouzuki Ruu, Hibiki Reona, Kotone Kazuha, Remi Kurea, Mizuha Kanato, Takachi Ao, Saki Akane, Fuuri Mizuka, Hanahi Mira, Kijou Mitsuru, Hoshiki Tsubasa, Amato Riira, Kaede Yuki, Harumi Yuu, Kanoha Toki

Montagues: Moeka Yuria, Mishou Kazuki, Kagetsu Miyako, Uzuki Hayate, Chinami Karan, Shirayuki Sachika, Houzuki An, Takasumi Hayato, Sana Yuzuha, Aikaze Yume, Hayami Sei, Harune Aki, Asami Jun, Yumena Rune, Sakihi Miyu, Umino Mitsuki

Other Cast (Moon): Hoshina Yutaka, Shouga Tsubaki, Kirami Ruise, Mizumi Rei, Yumeha Miyu, Shinoka Ria, Samomo Satsuki, Reina Yuu, Misato Yumeno, Yuu Hikaru, Akane Konatsu, Sakurana Ai, Souya Tomoki, Hayaki Yuuto, Ren Tsukasa, Himeno Ree, Aose Yuuki, Asagiri Makoto, Kashiro Aoi, Himesaki Mirei

Other Cast (98th Class Group B): Amahana Ema, Hiryuu Tsukasa, Maaya Kiho, Mito Kurara, Mineka Towa, Houka Haruna, Kazaki Shun, Kiyoka Ran, Shizaki Reno, Mioka Anri



In the Italian city of Verona, the two distinguished families of the Montagues and the Capulets have since olden times been engaged in a feud that has been repeated throughout the generations. The current lords of Montague and Capulet maintain their hostilities toward each other, ignoring the remonstrations of their wives and the Prince of Verona. Their continued feud has embroiled even the young generation.

Within the Capulet family, a proposal has been made for the marriage of a daughter, Juliette, with Count Paris, Verona's wealthiest citizen. The Count has offered to take care of the debts the Capulet family has been running up. Tybalt, a nephew of Lord Capulet, has loved Juliette since childhood, and he is opposed to the proposal. However, Lord Capulet rebuffs his nephew, and he schemes to bring the pair together at a masquerade.

Benvolio and Mercutio, who are friends of Lord Montague's son Romeo, goad him to sneak into the ball. Once inside, Romeo encounters the girl of his destiny, with whom he is bound by an invisible thread. The girl is Juliette, who now is trying to evade the man her parents have chosen for her. These two anxious lovers are convinced in an instant by what has appeared right in front of their own eyes. However, Tybalt makes a commotion, saying that a member of the Montagues has sneaked into the ball, and Romeo makes a quick exit. Although Juliette is aware that the person she has fallen in love with is a Montague, she cannot suppress her thoughts about him. In the meantime, Romeo, filled with thoughts of Juliette, finds himself unable to leave the Capulet residence. The couple is reunited while Juliette is on her balcony, as she thinks wistfully of the lover whom God has delivered to her. The couple makes an oath of love that transcends their family background, and they vow to marry before the engagement between Juliette and Count Paris can be made formally.

Romeo visits Father Laurence the following morning to ask him to conduct the wedding ceremony between him and Juliette. The priest is surprised by the news of a Montague marrying a Capulet. Even so, he appreciates Romeo's firm determination and also that the marriage could well help resolve the hostilities between the two families. Father Laurence instructs Romeo to come to the chapel that afternoon with Juliette during confession hour.

Helping out is Juliette's nanny, who is moved by the depth of love the couple has for each other. That afternoon, Romeo and Juliette exchange vows of eternal love in the presence of Father Laurence. The couple may be infinitely happy now, but little do they know of the tragedy that will soon come their way.

Other Information

Takarazuka Grand Theater
6/22Fri 13:00Ryuu Masaki
6/23Sat11:00Ryuu Masaki 15:00Ryuu Masaki
6/24Sun11:00Ryuu Masaki 15:00Ryuu Masaki
6/25Mon 13:00Asumi Rio
6/26Tue11:00Asumi Rio 15:00Asumi Rio
6/28Thu11:00Ryuu Masaki 15:00Asumi Rio
6/29Fri 13:00Asumi Rio
6/20Sat11:00Ryuu Masaki 15:00Asumi Rio
7/1Sun11:00Asumi Rio 15:00Ryuu Masaki
7/2Mon 13:00Asumi Rio
7/4Tue11:00Ryuu Masaki 15:00Ryuu Masaki
7/5Thu11:00Ryuu Masaki 15:00Asumi Rio
7/6Fri 13:00Ryuu Masaki
7/7Sat11:00Ryuu Masaki 15:00Ryuu Masaki
7/8Sun11:00Asumi Rio 15:00Ryuu Masaki
7/9Mon 13:00Asumi Rio
7/10Tue11:00Ryuu Masaki 18:00shinjin kouen
7/12Thu11:00Asumi Rio 15:00Ryuu Masaki
7/13Fri 13:00Ryuu Masaki
7/14Sat11:00Ryuu Masaki 15:00Asumi Rio
7/15Sun11:00Asumi Rio 15:00Ryuu Masaki
7/16Mon11:00Ryuu Masaki 15:00Asumi Rio
7/18Tue 13:00Ryuu Masaki
7/19Thu11:00Ryuu Masaki 15:00Asumi Rio
7/20Fri 13:00Ryuu Masaki
7/21Sat11:00Asumi Rio 15:00Ryuu Masaki
7/22Sun11:00Ryuu Masaki 15:00Asumi Rio
7/23Mon 13:00Ryuu Masaki
Tokyo Takarazuka Theater
8/10Fri 15:30Ryuu Masaki
8/11Sat11:00Ryuu Masaki 15:30Ryuu Masaki
8/12Sun11:00Ryuu Masaki 15:30Ryuu Masaki
8/14Tue13:30Ryuu Masaki 18:30Ryuu Masaki
8/15Wed 13:30Ryuu Masaki
8/16Thu13:30Asumi Rio 18:30Asumi Rio
8/17Fri 13:30Asumi Rio
8/18Sat11:00Ryuu Masaki 15:30Asumi Rio
8/19Sun11:00Ryuu Masaki 15:30Asumi Rio
8/21Tue13:30Asumi Rio 18:30Ryuu Masaki
8/22Wed 13:30Ryuu Masaki
8/23Thu13:30Asumi Rio 18:30shinjin kouen
8/24Fri 13:30Ryuu Masaki
8/25Sat11:00Asumi Rio 15:30Ryuu Masaki
8/26Sun11:00Ryuu Masaki 15:30Asumi Rio
8/28Tue11:00Asumi Rio 15:30Ryuu Masaki
8/29Wed 13:30Ryuu Masaki
8/30Thu13:30Ryuu Masaki 18:30Asumi Rio
8/31Fri 13:30Asumi Rio
9/01Sat11:00Asumi Rio 15:30Ryuu Masaki
9/02Sun11:00Ryuu Masaki 15:30Asumi Rio
9/04Tue13:30Ryuu Masaki 18:30Ryuu Masaki
9/05Wed 13:30Asumi Rio
9/06Thu13:30Asumi Rio 18:30Ryuu Masaki
9/07Fri 13:30Ryuu Masaki
9/08Sat11:00Ryuu Masaki 15:30Asumi Rio
9/09Sun11:00Asumi Rio 15:30Ryuu Masaki


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